A comprehensive guide to slot machines

The super attractive slot machines offer you a wide variety to play online. The vibrant slots do not require great skills to join.

It is said, 70% of a casino’s revenue is from slots. Slots offer you unlimited fun. To win in slots you should achieve a combination of symbols on adjacent reels.

A new feature of mega888 apk is the progressive slots that guarantee more winnings when more people join.

Let’s explore some types of slot machines below.

Types of machines

Conventional slots

Three reel slots are traditional slot machines. With each pull of the lever three reels spin. You win the jackpot when you get three symbols in adjacent positions. These symbols should be either placed horizontally or sometimes diagonally.

Five reel slots: There are also five-reel slots. This offers more fun as the extra symbols present in the slot give way for more winning combinations. They have more reels and so more pay lines.

Free slots: These are also called demo-slots. A player can practice as many times in these free slots before they are ready to play the main game. You can gain a great insight into the game using the demo slots. They are very flexible and offer many models.

Modern slots:

These are the progressive slots where the jackpot increases with more games played. The money multiplies exponentially when more people are joining.

Reward slots: When you play more games the rewards get doubled or tripled. This is an attractive feature. These are called reward slots and are available through online slot machines.

Reel slots: These are called the fruit machines and have physical reels that spin. They are termed so because the symbols resemble fruits. They have both single and multiple reels.

Mobile slots: These are designed exclusively for smartphones and tablets. These slots are a great appeal as people can play on the go without missing out on the excitement. Games are available on different platforms like android and ios.

Mega spin: This is a great bonus offer in slots. Players can play many games at the same time on the screen. This increases the probability of gaining more money. This is another version of the progressive slots.

Multi pay line slots: This differs from the design of the conventional pay line. It may be zigzag, diagonal, or straight pay lines. These can offer up to twenty pay lines.

Multiplier slot: This is very much similar to the reward slots where you can multiply your winnings by twice or thrice or even more. They increase your bankroll dramatically.

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