Playing Poker Safely For Real Money

Games like Poker can be played online or in live rooms. Playing Poker online is very easy. One can start for free also or can start with amounts as small as $1. We can play with people anywhere in the world with some big online Poker sites. Some site offers big discounts, bonuses to attract people. But all the sites are not good enough.  Chances are fair enough for scams to happen. So before starting Poker one must look for its authenticity.  It is wise to start with a safe and secure online poker site like pkv games ​.

How can one estimate if a site is areally safer place to play? This can be answered with three factors

  1. Licensing and Regulation
  2. Its Certifications and Audit
  3. Transparency in its activities and its Reputation

Licensing and Regulation

In order to start online Poker site, every internet Poker must register them and get alicensewith National gaming authority. Each National gaming authority is different from the other. Some countries will give highest priority to players than others.  Some countries may have active online jurisdiction, while others won’t.

Certification and Audit

There are some systems and regulatory bodies that will certify the fairness of online poker rooms. Some of them areeCOGRA  – e-commerce and online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, CFG – Certified Fair Gambling certification company, TST – software analyst Technical Systems Testing. These companies certify online poker rooms based on their fairness and transparency in gaming.

With the traditional casino playing, the bluffing will be tough task but suitable. In this casino, all the players are face to face seated the emotions of the face will be clearly visible. It is required to bluff carefully by handling the game thoroughly even if you have bad cards, then only you will convince the opponent players to fold the cards and win the gambling.

With online poker on pkv games you can play for many hours and can pause in middle and continue after sometime. Remember to not take more time because the game may complete and all chips will be transported to your bankroll. Before playing the game, read the instructions and get some idea on how to play the game for first time.


Another way to identify online poker room’s safety is to check trade media organisations that showcase activities of poker rooms and black list wicked sites. Casino City, eGaming magazine act like watchdogs and file regular reportson their fairness. They post articles on gaming sites activities based on

  • Their Clean History
  • Tackling player issues
  • Honesty
  • Protection for player funds
  • In-house player support

We have to check for the online poker site security before starting with that. Moreover, we have to look through the online money payment process for its trustworthiness. So we can save ourselves from losing money.

Consider all the above points before selecting secured online poker room for you. If a site has good marks for all the points then that site is a safe place to play and your money is much secured. You can deposit your funds and continue. We play with safe sites like pkv games ​,


The best way to select an online poker room is by its transparency, past clean history and top-notch its customer service.  Poker sites that cater best Customer services professionally are really worth to start with.

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