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Strategy of Video Poker

When you’re playing online video poker, it can be difficult to sort out exactly how to get an edge over the house. Due to a large extent, the house has pretty much designed out almost all possible ways for people to get a positive edge over your house. But here is one way, however, and that is with the royal flush jackpot plan. This strategy depends on the fact that the online video poker player can wager as much as they want every hand. The sport also offers some innovative video poker jackpots. Both items are essential for the following reasons. Eventually, these jackpots can become incredibly big. The idea with my download mega888 strategy is that you play the video poker game long enough that you’re almost guaranteed to win the jackpot.

This might seem like a pretty hard thing to do; I mean, who has that much money to spend on video poker? It may take hundreds of palms even to get close to having the ability to receive a chance at obtaining the progressive jackpot. And there is another factor that makes this strategy seem stupid, and that’s that so that you have the jackpot, most casinos need you to be betting maximum stakes. So you are probably thinking, as I did the very first time I heard about this particular strategy, I did not understand how I was planning to bankroll that length of playtime; how on earth am I going to encourage extended play while enjoying maximum stakes?

Two Ways to Win With One Hand

The brief answer is, based on my approach, is that you don’t. You do not bet maximum bets during this period. The download mega888 trick with my plan is to start out playing the smallest bet possible and continue to play the tiniest bet possible for two to three hours. The idea here is to soften the machine up, let the machine believe you’re feeding it lots of money. You wish to fatten up the system with lots of little coins for a very long time to receive the machine mathematically closer to providing a massive payout.

After you have done this for a little while, you have to switch to paying for the maximum download mega888 bets abruptly. Hopefully, if you’ve timed it right, you are going to be switching to maximum bets only whenever the video poker sport is beginning to become statistically likely to pay a complete flush. And so, although you’ve been playing a long time, you have not lost that much because you’ve been feeding the little game bets. And even if you have to end up playing max stakes for another couple of hours, if you do reach the innovative royal flush, you are going to win all your money back anyhow.

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