5 Type of Wazobet Bonus: 2021

Are you looking for betting bonusses for Wazobet? Then you are at the right place. In this article we will guide you through the process of availing different bonusses on Wazobet.

Wazobet is a betting platform that can be accessed through your phone or PC, and you can bet on sports, games and even try your luck in the casino. Read along to know more about the Wazobet bonus.

What are the different types of Wazobet bonus and how to avail them?

The different kinds of Wazobet bonus are something that cheers up every user. These can be put to use to make some extra earning on the app.

Below is a list of bonuses you can use and exploit to supreme effects:

  1. Non-deposit Bonus on registration

This bonus lets you bet real money without any wager limits. After your very first deposit, the amount won is moved to your cashback balance. From there to the main balance which can be withdrawn.

  1. Weekly Cashback

Wazobet gives you a cashback up to 12% on the deposits that you make during the calculation period. Which is from last Sunday to the current Friday and credited on its own. Apart from this there are also other weekly bonuses available.

  1. Free Spins every Monday

If you missed the registration or weekly bonus, Wazobet knows exactly how to cheer you up! This is a Monday only bonus and gives you 20 free spins every Monday. This bonus is automatically credited to your account.

  1. Birthday Bonus

This bonus is a gift from Wazobet to you on your birthday. You can activate this birthday bonus 3 days prior or 3 days after the date of your birthday.

  1. Accumulator Bonus

It can only be on Wazobet, earning as much as 125% on an accumulator with odds as low as 1.2, only on Wazobet can you get this amazing winning bonus to enhance your pay out.

 What is the use of any bonus? Below are some of the many benefits and uses of the Wazobet bonus.

  1. You can use the bonus amount to take part in the casino games, just as if you’ve deposited real money into the app.
  1. Many such online bookies have different requirements that you need to fulfill before you get the bonus amount. That’s not the case in Wazobet.
  1. When you make a deposit for the very first time, the amount you’ve won with the 777 NGN will be moved to your cashback balance. From there, your amount will move to the main balance. From here, withdrawal can be made directly into your bank account.
  1. If you happen to have won more than 77777 NGN from this bonus amount, you can withdraw 8000 NGN. However, the maximum NGN you can withdraw per week is 2000 only. There is no need to use any kind of promo code for this!
  2. To conclude, you have to make a deposit and then place a bet of at least 1000 NGN if you want to be entitled to withdraw the amount in your bank account.

In conclusion!

Using a bonus is a great way to get familiar with the application as you get additional benefits while making use of it. If you need more relevant information than you would love to visit casino bonsu.ng. just browse this website and get acquainted with all the relevant information.

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