Different Types of Online Sports Betting

Many people in the world relate themselves to sports, they enjoy watching sports, and some love to play different sports. Betting does a quite change in entertainment. When a person bets on his favorite team or player the winning excitement and fun becomes double because it will give him some amount of money, rather than just watching your team or player wins. For many sports fans, betting has become a part of their daily routine as many sites offer convenient betting options anywhere and at any time.

It becomes fun if you are already aware of the types of bets that you can make. There are many kinds of bets10, it is up to you that you choose a type which has a high risk or you choose a type which suits your pocket as well.

 The different types of online betting are:

  1. Proposition bets: As the name suggests, it is a kind of bet which is done while focussing on propositions. Propositions can be anything, like the scores of the team you are betting on, or the scores of the player you put your bet on, or the prediction of a particular player that he will hit more than the player on the other side. Based on these kinds of propositions bettors can make bets and wins.
  2. Parlays: It is a kind of bet which allows the bettor to make bets on many game results (up to 12) at the same time. But this kind of bet involves higher chances of risk. This kind of bet is risky as hell because if you lose even in one single game you will lose all the other games as well.
  3. Progressive Parlay: This kind of bet is almost the same as Parlay. But the most important difference here is that in Parlay if you lose one game you lose everything, but in this kind of bet even if your teams don’t win you will still get some amount of money. This difference makes it more fun and decreases the chances of risk.
  4. Futures: Bets are made on future predictions. But in this future bets you can make bets on the upcoming matches of sports as well, like which are going to happen in the future you can bet on those two to five months ago.
  5. Head to Head Betting: In this kind of betting, you can bet on the players without taking care of the results. This kind of betting involves betting on something like which player is going to get disqualified or which player will end up last or two or three players will not be able to finish. This kind of betting is generally made in sports which includes racing.
  6. Betting on Totals: The bookmakers, in this bet, set a number as the total score of both the teams and, the bettor bets on it. There are two things in this bet, under and over. You bet on under or over. If according to you it is going to be less then you will bet on under and if it is going to be more then you ill bet on more. And the result is less than the number set by the bookmaker then it is under, and if it is more then it is over.


There are so many kinds of bettings here. People choose based on their rationality and intellectualism and then ensure their winning.

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