Winning Tips for Online Betting


“Pantip” is a Thai word meaning a “Thousand Tips”. It is applied generally to Sports Gambling. Tips in Sports results are an essential part of the gambling scene. But the advent of online gambling has removed much of the direct physical access to the players, the field of play, background, and the condition of the equipment being played with. The Covid19 Pandemic has imposed special conditions on physical attendance at the matches. Professional gamblers who have previously depended on the tips provided by on-field Tipsters are now forced to look elsewhere for inputs. It is in just this situation that the renowned w88 Website has come up with the perfect solution. The “Thousand Tips” provided by w88 pantip has taken over from the traditional business of Tipsters. The website, https//, now provides comprehensive tips to the gamblers, covering all aspects of particular bets.


Sports betting can be described as an extended form of gambling. In this type of gambling, bets are placed on the actual results of the match being played in real-time. Actually real (not staged) matches are preferred, rather than virtual matches, though these are also gradually gaining in popularity. Once the actual match targeted is over, the opportunity for gambling on the result vanishes. So the data covering the match must be instantaneously transmitted to the gamblers as the match progresses. Multiple tips regarding possible outcomes and bettable performances are part and parcel of these streams of information. The gamblers favor some of the Sports over others, when playing online. Football is the world-favorite. Wrestling is a close second in Asia. But Boxing, Athletics, Baseball, American Football, Basketball, Tennis, are all in the fray as Gambling Sports.

Winning Tips for Online Betting

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The w88 pantip has some special features, as follows:

  • The “Pantip” is a collection of immediately relevant Tips, charts and graphs which help the Gamblers to analyze the play on the Sports field, and predict possible outcomes.
  • This information generation is significantly supported by the IT Community, making the data even more valuable.
  • The Tips generated are continuously updated, and varied to suit the stage of play on the Sports field.
  • The gambler can ensure steady earnings by focusing on these Tips steadfastly.
  • Odds are calculated instantly by the algorithms embedded in the program.
  • This immediate availability of odds at any specific time helps the Gamblers to pinpoint winning bets and moves.
  • The site address is https//

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