Comparing Video Games To Poker

Let me start by saying that video games have an unfair advantage because they can be about so many things at once. Compared to video games, poker is inherently just a single type of card game that is limited to its capabilities. That being said, there are some basic connections between these two forms of gaming.

The first thing that we can both agree on is that they are both games. Although one is more akin to being played with the use of technology. Hence, the chosen name of a video game. However, poker is still a type of game that people can enjoy and have fun on.

This is why you can find some poker games such as Capsa Susun available as online mobile games. These are some of the more important similarities between video games and poker.

Set Amount of Lives

Now, one thing you should note about video games is you technically have an infinite amount of lives. All you need to do is restart the game should you fail to finish and run out of lives. However, we have to assume that we are only allowed to play with only one life in the game.

The health bars that you see on video games are the same as the pool of money you have for poker. They are both something that you would need to put a strong effort to turn into something great. But you have to make decisions that could lessen that health bar or in poker, your money.

A successful venture in your video game could reward you with some cool loot. But fail and you can end up losing a lot of your life. That can also be said with online poker. The more you bet without considering the potential loss, the more money you give up that could have been useful for your real life.

The Better You Play, The More Chances of A Success

This one should be simple enough to understand. You will always start a new game confused about its controls. The basics might not be too hard to grasp but the skills can still be lost on you. Not only that but there are people that do stuff that you would not think possible when you just start.

That is a feeling that you will always get when starting a new video game or learning how to play poker. They may be simple to understand, at least in terms of rules. But they are also incredibly difficult to master.

As such, you would need to devote some time and effort to learn the intricacies of both games. The more learning and research that you do, the better your chances of winning the match.

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