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Useful techniques of marking Cards with Luminous

Marking cards is another type of art that requires practice. Other people are using it for magic tricks since it’s another way of manipulating the watcher. Using Invisible ink contact lenses is one of the useful ideas of marking cards and only technique that beats any other method. Below are the wrong ways of marking the cards since can be noticed easily and get caught:

Bad techniques of making cards 

The slight different symbol on the cards back is one of the wrong ways of making cards. Exhausting down cards or bending corners is also one of the imperfect way marking cards. Another lousy strategy is using a hidden camera.

Marking cards with a luminous ink

Using luminous ink is the only best technique that beats any other method of marking cards in the market. Light ink is an invisible type of invisible ink that typically utilized on the red-backed when playing the cards. Marked cards are generally invisible to view with the naked eye, but with red filter lenses, you can clearly see the markings.

How to use luminous ink to mark cards

Once you are through reading this article, you will be in a position to mark your cards from any brand. All you require is getting a kit of luminous ink. Impressively, the kit usually comes with red filter, directions, ink and a nice tip paintbrush.

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Starting with card marking

For you to start with marking cards, you can start by using a joke card. Dip the fine paintbrush into a luminous ink then starting wiping the sides of the container. By doing this, you will prevent the paintbrush from soaking wet with the ink since too much bright on the brush isn’t appropriate.

Making the marking on the cards

Next step is marking the cards whether by using letter, symbol or numbers. Afterwards, wait for a few moments and wipe it out of the cards using a dry-to-damp cloth or paper towel. Now, wait for a little longer the darker to settle on the card. It may come a time when luminous ink turns much dark that will be visible to a naked eye.

Therefore, once you’ve exercised and achieved your suitable blend, then you can continue to mark your cards. So, hopefully, by now, you can answer the question of how to mark your cards since you’ve already known your ideal blend of luminous ink.


Since now you’ve been taught the appropriate method for making cards whether by magic tricks or for fun, go to our store to learn more and gather more ideas using luminous ink flawlessly. Using this practise and directions, you’ll be in a position to create a perfect marked cards deck.

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